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      Welcome to Shenzhen Suntrap Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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      Contact us

      Ivy Xiao / Vice General Manager
      TEL: 0755-28795977
      FAX: 0755-28790076
      WhatsApp & Mobile: +86-13713531928
      Email: factory@suntrap.com.cn sales@suntrap.com.cn
      Skype & Wechat ID: ivydailan
      QQ: 2853322501
      Address:6 Floor, Block B, C4 Building, Zhonghao Industrial Park, Xuexiang Village Bantian street,Longgang District Shenzhen, GuangDong Province, China

      Company news

      Shenzhen U disk

      Shenzhen Xingtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a U disk custom manufacturers, specializing in the production of U disk and other digital products, custom U...

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      U disk custom factory teach you how to buy U disk

      U disk custom factory teach you how to buy U disk ?? ?? I do not know if you have not found that after work often need to use U disk. However, many small part...

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      Xingtai U disk manufacturers to share】 【U disk damage causes and solutions

      U disk - as one of the four treasures of the information age, has been deeply integrated into our daily study and work, playing an increasingly important role i...

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      Xingtai U disk manufacturers teach you how to use safe U disk

      With the increasing use of U disk, many of my friends often reflect their U disk problems, the following Xingtai U disk manufacturers to introduce several safe ...

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      Xingtai U disk factory teach you formatted U disk failure of the four solutions

      Formatted U disk when the prompt can not be completed, when this happens do not panic, here you learn Xingtai U disk factory provides the following four solutio...

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